How CBD is Going to Become an Essential Part of Our Lives

December 5, 2019
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December 5, 2019 MJVP

How CBD is Going to Become an Essential Part of Our Lives


For decades, cannabis has been held as a taboo for the psychedelic effects of THC, and the legitimate medical applications of CBD – cannabidiol, the other major component of cannabis – has suffered as a result.

CBD can treat many common problems that are suffered in the modern day, but research is still in its infancy, an honest scientific exploration into the benefits of cannabis has been stifled until recently, and it’s set to become a major part of our lives in 2019, but why wasn’t it already? If CBD is so good, why is there such a stigma around cannabis?

It hasn’t always been like that, however, and there was a time when the benefits of cannabis were the subject of wide renown. The plant was used among the wealthy, and among some American subcultures for the recreational and medicinal qualities that it possesses? What happened?

People around the world are waking up and seeing the hysteria for what it is. Cannabis is regaining the good reputation that it held for centuries, and this reputation is actually a very well founded one. The benefits are better understood today than ever before, and it’s widely known that CBD offers great benefits for those suffering the aftereffects of chemotherapy.

This article by Peter Grinspoon of Harvard Medical School speaks of potential benefits for arthritis and pain relief; additionally, he mentions that a tenuous link has been demonstrated between CBD and decreased pain of the inflammatory and neuropathic varieties, the two most common types of chronic pain.

Furthermore, the FDA recently went so far as to approve Epidiolex, a CBD-derived drug used for the treatment of severe epilepsy. With videos floating around the internet, depicting children having an epileptic seizure return to normal within moments of using CBD oil, with plentiful anecdotes and personal stories of the utility it offers people and the like, CBD already enjoys great press. The FDA approving CBD-derived drugs is a sign that the last roadblock against an explosion in the popularity of cannabis-based health products has been removed.

It’s an exciting time to watch the trends surrounding CBD. A 2019 study has been published at length, estimating a meteoric rise in the stock of CBD, with predictions that it will grow into a $22 billion industry by 2022. To see current evidence of this, look no further than the burgeoning luxury health item industry based around CBD in the US, and around the world.

CBD Oil is big throughout the US, but out in Denver and the West Coast, mixing CBD Oil with suitable products is an extremely popular way of formulating luxury health products. Numerous startups are competing to refine CBD into an isolated, water-soluble powder, and the product integration opportunities are endless. The CBD-based projects currently enjoying success include CBD yogurt, CBD craft beer, CBD cold brew coffee, and CBD dog treats of all things. Customers can’t get enough of CBD, and the ball has only just started rolling.

"“What we started tracking this year was an explosion — face mask, bug bites, skin care, topicals”"

Bethany Gomez | Director of Research | Brightfield Group

As we head into 2020, we rest on the cusp of a major breakthrough in the use of CBD for medicinal and luxury health purposes. Early adopters and supporters of the industry at this time are going to see manifold benefits for their careers, and there’s no better time to become one of those adopters and supporters than now.

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